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Dani is a branded content editor and entrepreneur. She previously worked for Bustle and Mashable, and has also written for HyperVocal and Newport Beach Magazine.

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10 Drinks and 10 Days, With a Connected Breathalyzer [REVIEW]

Connected breathalyzers are consumer devices, but it's not clear if the purpose is entertainment or safety....

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10 Fresh Apps for Fashion Enthusiasts

Expressing yourself through fashion is an art, and inherently suited for social apps, and fashion games let you play stylist....

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3 Days With a Posture-Correcting Wearable Gadget

The wearable device, a huge Kickstarter success, aims to help fix poor posture. We give LUMOback a spin....

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3 Fitness Trackers That Make a Run at Recording Heart Rate

We experimented with wrist-worn heart rate monitors Mio Alpha, Basis and SYNC Burn to learn the pros and cons of each....

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AskMD Is a Health Dashboard For Your iPhone

The key feature of AskMD is a symptom checker, but with a twist....