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Dani is a branded content editor and entrepreneur. She previously worked for Bustle and Mashable, and has also written for HyperVocal and Newport Beach Magazine.

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Italian-Mediterranean Romance

Ti Amo is a Laguna Beach classic, sitting alongside Pacific Beach Highway. It's where I had dinner for my high school winter formal, and I was lucky enough to return to write about the food and experience for Laguna Beach Magazine.

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Photography Take Three

Laguna Beach's monthly art walk is always a fantastic place to discover new art. This piece featured some of the best newcomers.

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Staff Picks: Burgers

I put together this roundup of the best burgers in Newport Beach, complete with photos of staff members enjoying their personal favorite.

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Taste the Tradition

Newport Beach ocean view dining never gets old. The interior of this restaurant hasn't been changed much in years and is a testament to the longevity of Newport's dining scene.

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Beach or Bust

I miss writing these headlines.